Our Services

1. Enrollment for professional training and certification for the Intitute’s professional membership into Affiliate, Graduate, Associate, Full Member and Fellowship categories through its structured training and retraining programme.

2. Carry our right work place attitude research in organization to identify employees with right work place attitude with a view to issue such deserving employee “Institute commendation letter” to serve as a motivation for higher productivity and productive behaviour.  

3. Identify persons in our society that exhibit positive attitude for recommendation fot the Institute’s Role Model Award know as “Distinguished Fellow, Attitudinal Change Managers” as a reward for right attitude and behaviour in society. This will endear others to emulate such behaviour / attitude.
4. Carrying out campaign through radio jingle, bill board, social media, workshop and conferences on the need to embrace positive mindset/attitude as well as achieving self reliant through the development of enterprice skills.

5.Encouraging and forming attitudinal change vanguard in schools to train, coach and mentor students on leadership, value oriented, developing positive mindset and attitude as well as life skills required to live a self reliant life. The ultimate is to develop them into a role models.

6. Undertake research on mindset, attitude and behavioural patterns with view to publishing the outcome for the benefit of Institutions, organizations and the society. 7.Play advisory role to government and other Institutions on all matters relating to injsutice, development and corruption.

Services in Focus

The Institute's Campaign Activities

The Institute's Capacity Building

Conferment of Role Model Award

Right Work Place Attitude Research Work in Progress

Induction of Professional Change Managers

Youth Empowerment Dialogue / Counceling

Courtesy Call to Eminent Persons