Frequently asked questions

You can become a member of the institute by:

  1. Visit our office to purchase member form for completion.

  2. Applying on-hire through completion of membership form and the payment of prescribed fee. Thereafter you can notified of admission and materials and case study is given to you to ensure when you are through the case study is sent to the institute for marking on successful completion, you are slated for induction as a member

No. It is not because the institute incur a lot of cost to achieve this exercise

Yes, any BSC/BA/HND/MSC/MBA can join for associate category and above.

ND/NCE and matured persons with SSCE can join from the category of Affiliate and Graduate.

The idea for the institute of attitudinal change managers is born out of the worrisome dimension of the moral decadence arising from negative attitude/mindset in our society. The institute was therefore established to bridge skill gap, promote values and change negative mindset and attitude prevalent in most Nigerian today. The idea is to produce a generation of managers/persons who are well equipped in character and competence to lead our society and organization.

  • The institute helps to promote values, positive attitude as well as bridging skills gap in our society.

  • Promote natural ideals, consciousness, nation building and enterprise.

  • It provides the holder of the institute’s certification a cutting edge over their competitors.

  • The holders of the institute’s certificate are attractive in the job market.

  • Serves as a voice to propagating the need for all national ethics which are Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labour, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance and Patriotism.

  • It is a beacon of hope for redeeming our society from rot through the institutionalization of attitudinal change campaign and its Role model award.

  • It boost the goodwill of members of the institute etc.

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