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1. Introduction

2. Definition/ the Meaning Of Leadership

3. The Need For Leadership

4. Who Is A Leader?

5. Theories of Leadership

6. How Does Leadership Arise?

7. What Are The Source Of Leadership Power?

8. Traits of An Effective Leader

9. Types Of Leadership

10. Style Of Leadership

11. What Factors Inform the Choice Of Leadership Style

12. What role is a leadership expected to play in an organization

13. What Qualities Should An Effective Leader Possess?

14. What are the Basic Skills of an Effective Leader?

15. The Burden and Problems of Leadership

16. Privileges Of Leadership

17. Building Leadership competencies

18. Areas of Leadership Competence

19. Basic Management Skills

20. Administrative Skills

21. The Skills Of One Who Manages

22. Key Qualities Of an Administrator

23. Tools For Managing Resources

24. Managing Resources

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