About Us

Established under CAM Act 1999 and Approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria

The focus of the Institute are to;
Change people’s negative mindset, values and attitude;
 In order to develop in them productive behavior and values
 that will unlock and unleash God-given potentials from mindset imprisonment
 to become talented person(s) in administration and leadership
 that will assume and bridge leadership and managerial gap in organizations and society.
 to make our lives and society better and more prosperous

Who Are We?

The Institute of Attitudinal Change Managers is a Change Management Certification Institute whose main goal is to serve as a campaign voice for the promotion of values and positive attitude in our society as well as a Research tink-tank for equipping and stimulating a productive behaviour and attitudes in our organization. The Institute was nursed in 2012 and eventually established February 2014 under CAM Act 1999 and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice. The Institute’s focus is to produce a generation of change managers, change professionals and Vanguards that will shore up our leadership failure.


The main objectives of the Institute include:  Institutionalize positive attitude in all aspects of our social lives through campaign, seminar, workshop, conferences and other forms of structured training.  Certify duly trained persons through the issuance of certificates as certified Attitudinal Change Managers/Leader.  Promote the inculcation of high moral values ethical and positive mind set and attitude amongst Nigerians and other nationals resident in Nigeria through public campaign.  Serve as a Research Institute for the development of positive behavioural patterns in the work place, Institute learning and the Society and publish/advise on the outcome of such research for the benefit of the society


To be foremost professional body that trains and certify managers across every profession so that they can effectively boost productivity and affect the Society positively through Attitudinal Change and Value reorientation.


Bring about a positive Social Change in Nigeria and beyond through value re-orientation.

Core Value

• Discipline
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Honesty
• Self Reliance


Attitude Changes everything

Benefit of the Institute to the society

 Serve as a Campaign Voice against negative attitudes and wrong values through seminars, retreat and formation of Change Vanguard clubs in schools capacity building e.tc.
 Promotes values, positive mind set and attitude as well as bridging skills gap in our society
 Promotes National Ideals, consciousness, Nation building and enterprise
 Through its Role Model Award to deserving persons in Nigeria, motivate good behaviour and conduct in our society.
 It is a beacon of hope for redeeming our society from complete riot.
 Promote a new generation of Managers well groomed in change and Enterprise Management and branded to stand out from the crowd.
 Through its research effort encourages productive behaviour and attitude in organization.