They are to play a leading role in promoting our national ethics which include Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of labour, Social Justice, Religious tolerance and Patriotism.

The activities of the Change Vanguard covers

  • Structured training programmes that promote our national ethics

  • Learning life skills and skills acquisition

  • Quiz competition on building positive mindset and attitude.

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Excursions to places that will impact positively on them.

In the course of training, the following flashpoints of negative attitudes will be addressed: Examination malpractices, Disobedience and disrespect to parents and constituted authorities, Poor reading habits, Cultism, Drug addiction, Laziness, Stealing, Getting rich quick syndrome, Rape, Not being industrious, etc.

Benefit of being Change Vanguards include: Building members’ positive mindset that will help them in their life endeavours; Equip them with leadership skills, make them Role models by their behaviour and conduct; make them likable personalities owing to their positive attitude and mindset; serve as a change agent to their colleagues and the Society; Bring pride and dignity to their families and society as a result of their unblemished conducts and behaviour.

Change Vanguards are trained to develop strong belief in Nigeria and the Nigerian project. Every Change Vanguard is made to be proud of Nigeria no matter her state of economic and social health condition.

Our Change Vanguards are identified by their conduct and behaviour.

Schools that have been visited, chapter of Attitudinal change Vanguards/clubs are inaugurated there, which from time to time is being nourished with our robust programmes.

Be a part of this new vision today.