About Us


The Institute of Attitudinal Change Managers was nursed in 2013 and eventually established in February 2014 under 1990 and CAMA approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justices.

The institute seeks to promote the study and adaption of Scientific methods of producing a generation of Managers who are well equipped to serve as change professionals, models and Vanguard of good character and competence.

What Necessitated the Establishment of the Institute?

The Moral decadence in our Society today has assumed a worrisome dimension. AntiSocial behaviour such as armed robbery, Kidnapping, Cultism, Terrorism, Advance Fee Fraud (419), Money Laundry, Embezzlement of fund, theft and general state of lawlessness etc are on the increase. The situation gets worse day by day. According to Peter Drucker “we are caught in our own web” except something is done fast, we may slide further downhill. Development cannot thrive in such a state of Anarchy. Section 23 of the 1999 Constitution clearly spelt out Our National Values and Ethics.

These Values are:

  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Dignity of Labour
  • Social Justice
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Patriotism
  • and Self Reliance

Regrettably, we have jettisoned all these good Values for Strange negative ones. The consequences are what we are seeing today.

Successive Administrations have introduced one slogan or the other to arrest the continuous breach to our national ethics by Nigerians and their Collaborators, all to no avail.

The time has come to stop lamenting over our Attitudes which is mainly responsible for our national problems.

Creating an Institution to collaborate with all well meaning Corporate Citizens, and also join hands with the Government to arrest the Situation necessitated the establishment of the Institute of Attitudinal Change Managers which hopefully and by the grace of God will Continue to serves as:

Training, Research and Campaign Voice for the changes of negative Attitude in Nigeria and beyond.

A beacon of hope for Attitudinal Change.

Institution that will certify people well groomed in Character, Change Management And Values.

What are the Objectives of the Institute?​

positive attitudes in all aspects of our social lives through the
organization of seminars, workshop conferences and other forms of
structured training.

duly trained Personnel through the Issuance of Certificates as
Attitudinal Change Managers.

as a Research Institute for the development of positive behavioural
pattern in the work place, Institutions of learning, the Society,

and publish the outcome of such research for the benefit of the


To be the foremost professional body that trains and certify managers across every profession so that they can effectively boost productivity and affect the Society positively through Attitudinal Change and Value reorientation.


Bring about a positive Social Change in Nigeria and beyond through value reorientation.